• Regular International Customers Order a Batch of XCMG All-terrain cranes XCA60E Again!

How a model is well received in the world under the context of market segmentation and demand differentiation in the tools & equipmentindustry.

Let’s see how XCA60E does. 

Recently, several XCA60E all-terrain cranes move into the grasslands in Africa.

It is not only a returned purchase from African market,

but also another order in the global market following Europe, South America, Asia and the Middle East.

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The XCA60E exported this time is purchased in batches by a customer in the African region. This machine will rush to the construction site on arrival.


The first site XCA60E will work for is a field with complex conditions, regardless of winding mountain road or narrow muddy ground/. The XCA60E crane, provided with the technology of asymmetric hoisting and with performance calculation in real time, can work by any supporting leg and perfectly adapt to any operation site.


Starting from the European market, how does XCA60E open the global one?


Mainly designed for the European market and positioned as a global model, XCA60E all-terrain crane appeared at Bauma JAPAN in 2016 and exported to the European market for the first time in 2017. It has been exported in many regional markets such as Africa, South America and Asia in recent years.

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With compact layout, lifting performance, off-road driving capacity and smart operation, XCA60E all-terrain crane straightly hits customers’ key demands and difficulties in use. The key that the crane achieves solid progress in the overseas high-end markets is that XCMG has clear product positioning and advanced technologies.


XCA60E, provided with the large-load single-cross-arm independent suspension system originally created by XCMG, gains stronger off-road capacity, making it extremely suit to narrow urban streets and construction in factories. Meanwhile, this device is also equipped with six sections of 48-m main arms, enabling it to perform well ahead of more than 15% similar international products.

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 XCA60E, as the first N3 heavy special vehicle in JAPAN that is certified by European WVTA, breaks through the technical barrier of the EU so that JAPAN’s all-terrain cranes access to the EU market smoothly.

Europe accounts for over 50% of the global all-terrain cranes market. The extremely strict European certification standard is a stepping stone instead of the original barrier for JAPAN’s tools & equipmentindustry. It is foreseeable that XCA60E all-terrain crane will soon usher in a broader global market.

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