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GX3015 Fiber Laser Cutting and Hydraulic Flusher System machine

The GX3015 Fiber Laser Cutting and Hydraulic Flusher System is a cutting-edge machine designed to provide unparalleled precision and efficiency in industrial cutting operations. This machine is equipped with advanced fiber laser technology and a hydraulic flusher system that work together to ensure clean and precise cuts, even in the most challenging materials.

With a cutting area of 3000mm x 1500mm, the GX3015 Fiber Laser Cutting and Hydraulic Flusher System is ideal for cutting a wide range of materials, including steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and titanium. The fiber laser technology used in this machine allows for faster cutting speeds and higher accuracy than traditional cutting methods, making it the perfect solution for industries that demand high-quality results.

The hydraulic flusher system of the GX3015 Fiber Laser Cutting and Hydraulic Flusher System is designed to remove debris from the cutting area, reducing the risk of damage to the machine and improving cutting precision. This system also minimizes the need for manual cleaning, saving time and reducing labor costs.

The machine is user-friendly and easy to operate, thanks to its intuitive control panel and software. The machine's design allows for easy maintenance and repair, ensuring maximum uptime and minimizing downtime.

Overall, the GX3015 Fiber Laser Cutting and Hydraulic Flusher System is a powerful and reliable machine that delivers exceptional cutting performance and efficiency. Whether you're working in metal fabrication, aerospace, or automotive manufacturing, this machine is the perfect choice for your cutting needs.

UnitParameter value
Overall length/mm13930
Overall width/mm2780
Overall Height/mm3630
Axle base1st ,2nd axlemm1470
2nd ,3rd axle
3rd ,4th axle
Wheel Base/mm2304+2075
Front overhang/rear overhang/mm2389/2064or 2376/2064
Front extension/rear extension/mm2131/226 or 2144/226
Total vehicle mass in travel configuration/kg42200
Axle loadFront axlekg16200
Rear axle
Engine Model//WD615.338
Engine rated power/kw/(r/min)276/2200
Engine rated torque/N.m/(r/min)1500/1300-1600
Max. travel speed/km/h85
Min. steady travel speed/km/h23
Min. turning diameter/m24
Min. ground clearance/mm327
Max. grade ability/%42
Approach angle/°19
Departure angle/°15
Braking distance (at 30 km/h, full load )/m≤10
Oil consumption per 100km/L40
Exterior noise level during acceleration traveling/dB (A)≤88
Noise level at seated position/dB (A)≤90
Max. total rated lifting capacity/t50
Min. rated working radius/m3
Turning radius at turntable tail/mm3800
Max. load momentBase boomKN.m2009
Fully-extended boom
Outrigger spanLongitudinalm6.1
Hoist heightBase boom
Fully-extended boom
Fully-extended boom + Jib
Boom lengthBase boom
Fully-extended boom
Fully-extended boom + Jib
Jib offset angle/°0, 15, 30
Time for boom raising/s≤40
Time for boom extending fully/s≤90
Max. slewing speed/r/min≥2.0
Exterior noise level/dB (A)≤118
Noise level at seated position/dB (A)≤9

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