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XZJ5180TDYD5Multifunction Dust Suppression Vehicle

1)Efficient operation

The dustsuppression device shall be produced by well-known brands in JAPAN, with largemist quantity, large range of grain size and good effect for dust particle withmultiple dimensions. Compared with the products at the same level, the fog gunis provided with a long spray distance. Moreover, the pitching angle isadjustable, capable of meeting the demands of different working conditions. Itis driven by motor, with high transmission efficiency.

2) Rich functions

This producthas rich functions, including dust suppression and all functions of thewatering cart. Therefore, it has a variety of functions (including “watering”and “dust suppression”). The dust suppression system can be used for spraying,for the purpose of wet type dust falling. Besides, it can also be used forwater spraying and cooling at various public places (e.g. sports field).Moreover, it can also be used to spray pesticides for vegetation insectskilling and to spray deodorant for deodorization of waste yard.

The wateringsystem has all functions of the watering cart. The sprinkler has a variety oftypes. A duck-mouth nozzle or a round-head nozzle is installed in front, acylindrical sprinkler mound at rear and a shower nozzle on the side, capable offront washing and rear watering. Besides, a rear working platform is providedas well, on which a sprinkler gun is installed. It is adjustable among directflow, heavy rain, intermediate rain, drizzle and fog. The sprinkler gun canalso be used for pesticide spraying, and can be rotated by 360°, whichextremely enhancing the vehicle applicability and improving the use ratio.

3) Convenient use

 (a) Few blocking faults The water pipeline isprovided with multiple filter devices. Coarse filter is combined with refinedfilter, minimizing the blocking probability of pipeline, nozzle and water pump.

 (b) Convenient water filling The water pump isprovided with the function of self-suction and the filter screen protection,capable of pumping in and out and wild water filling. A fire fighting couplingis provided at various water filling ports of the pipeline. Water can be filledfrom the fire water pipeline. The cover of the tank can be opened and closedfreely, making the water pipe fill water into the tank.

4) Fine design

 (a) The tank body is made of high-performancesteel plate. The tank inside is separated into a cabin by baffle. Duringdriving, start and stop of the vehicle, it can effectively reduce the impactcaused by the liquid in the tank.

 (b) The water tank is provided with a meteringpipe, so as to check the water volume of the tank and effectively avoidmisoperation caused by insufficient water.

 (c) The water tank is provided with anoverflow device. It is capable of timely overflow and avoiding overloading incase of excessive water filling.

 (d) A closing cover is arranged at the upperend of the water tank, which is used for direct water filling or for theoverhaul personnel to go in and out of the tank. It is used in combination witha ladder, making it convenient for climbing.

 (e) Thevehicle is provided with a low water level alarm device. When the water levelis lower than the required position, the controller will interrupt the waterpump automatically, give a audible and visual alarm reminder, thus making surethat the water pump will not be damaged due to no-water idling. 







Engine standard model / power

ISD245 50/180kw

Dust suppression system

Gun range


Fog shot height


Spray flow

100~400 L/min

The droplets

20~200 um

Pump pressure

0.8~2.0 MPa

Fog pitching angle


Fog gun angle


Fog working noise

≤90 dB

Low pressure sprinkler system.

Front flush width


Sprinkler width


Post green spray width


Rear gun range


Clean water flow

400~600 L/min

The actual volume of water tank

≥14 m³

Driving performance

Maximum speed

90 km/h

Max. climbing angle


Braking distance


Minimum turning diameter


Quality parameter

Curb mess


Total mess


Vehicle structure and size.

L.W. H




Approach angle


Departure angle


Minimum ground clearance


Sprinkler quantity


Rotary mode of sprayer

Worm gear + mechanical self - lock.

Left and right watering device

Sprinkler arrangement

Double loop layout

Spray system driving mode

The auxiliary engine drives the generator set

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